The Demo Series

New Release

I’ve written a lot of songs. I’ve recorded a few. And released even fewer. There’s a myriad of reasons why a song doesn’t get released: It’s not good enough, the timing’s wrong, it’s not right for the band, or you just can’t recreate the magic in that original record.

“The Demo Series” is a collection of all my songs that never got past the demo stage – most never re-recorded because of the last reason. Although not perfect, they captured something special that I can’t recreate.

Over then next few weeks and months, I’ll be releasing many of my favorite songs. “Welcome to Ohio” is the first in this series. I wrote this whimsical tune about my home state over 20 years ago, but find the socio-economic reflections are still pretty relevant.

Featured on Jenn Franklin Single

Kudos to Jenn Franklin on her latest release, “Star Crossed.” Thank you for letting me sing on it. This single is accessible and very easy to listen to. (There are some remixes in the works, too!) I Look forward to seeing this one take off!